Franchise Opportunities

Four Oaks Tutors Micro franchise opportunities

If you are considering a change in career direction – you’ve become disillusioned with your job, because of redundancy, retirement, or you’re just looking for a better quality of life – Then a tuition agency franchise could be for you, there is nothing like being your own boss. Choosing when to work, how long to work and making a good living by educating children is very rewarding.

Why go for a Four Oaks tutors micro franchise

The private tuition educational sector is booming at the moment. Private tuition is often seen as a cheap alternative to paying School fees especially in times of recession. There are about nine million students across the UK at the moment their education is often their parent’s priority.
Demand for subjects such as Maths, Sciences, English and Languages is exceptional. I have had a waiting list for most of this year as I simply could not find teachers with availability in some of these subjects and I was teaching to my full capacity.

The cost of other Educational franchises is usually about £20,000 in start up capital plus a large percentage of turn over is paid to the franchisor.

A Micro franchise with Four Oaks start at £1000 and 5% of turnover is paid as commission; the commission and capital cost is of course tax deductible.

The first year of trading is commission free to enable you to establish your business.

We can do a Micro franchise at a reasonable cost because

We do not offer months of training because as teachers you already have the skills to do the job.
We do not have hugely complicated web sites just simple ones that inform people of what you do and give information about how to contact you.
No need to develop new courses in Maths or English you will be tutoring the subjects you know at levels you normally teach KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A level.

You can teach on an individual basis or a group basis depending on demand.
We as the franchisor would give you all the information on how to set up a tuition agency. We would produce your website get your business cards, postcards and banners sorted out. Give advice on where and how to advertise private tuition and Easter revision courses.

Go through all the legal requirements, asylum and immigration act, CRB checks, forms for tutor’s.

Explain the financial implications of being self employed what can and cannot be claimed as expenses.

We would visit you when required to help start up and explain how to run the business in its initial stages.

We offer several types of franchise agreement our basic package has a capital cost of £1000.
If you would like further details please email.

Mark Williams